Take Feng Shui With You When Traveling

Are you planning a trip to a hotel or resort in the near future? Are you hoping for a positive energy change of pace that is filled with rest, relaxation and enjoyable recreation. Or is part of you dreading sleeping in an unfamiliar room in a strange city and a strange bed?There are a few simple Feng Shui principles you can apply to your travel plans so you can enjoy all of their amenities while being surrounded with your comfort zone energy from home.Feng Shui Your Home First to Insure a Great TripA successful, enjoyable and relaxing trip begins at home. Make sure your travel plans allow for enough time to prepare your house for your return home. When you leave your home filled with clutter and chaos, it is an invitation for chaos and unclear thinking energy to travel with you causing difficulties with room reservations, travel connections and a myriad of minor nuisances.Take care in advance to prepare your house at time of departure for a welcome return to all things comfortable, safe and secure. Give away or throw away all perishable foods and empty all trash containers so no negative energy, unwanted smells and germs circulate throughout your house while away. And, stock your pantry with frequently used non-perishables which provide the energy of abundance and prosperity at home and while traveling. This step will also make your return much easier to deal with as you can prepare a quick meal without the added hassle of going to the grocery store after a long tiring day of travel.Make sure all beds are made and bedrooms are uncluttered to provide you calm stress-free sanctuary energy while traveling. The clutter free bedroom will also be a welcome place to rest your weary head upon your return.To insure cooperative helpful hotel staff energy while away, energize the northwest helpful people area of your living room or family room with something silver. It can be a picture of supportive friends and family in a silver frame, a silver trophy or a round silver plate which will focus energy on making your trip go smoothly providing you with all the help you need or ask for along the way.Preparing your home is a critical key in using positive energy to create calm stress free travel. Because you are so intimately connected with your home, the energy you leave behind will travel with you to your hotel or whatever your final destination. Be sure your home’s energy is organized, calming and rejuvenating.Feng Shui Tips for a Better TripEveryone wants to leave behind the stress and pressures of daily living. It is a welcomed change. The relaxation and rest of even a short stay at a resort helps the tired physical body and the mental fatigue recharge and re-energize. To help you create a calm refreshing sanctuary away from home try some of the following Feng Shui tips.o When checking into your room, make sure it is not near noisy stairwells, elevators and services areas or above the lounge where late night partying takes place. The energy in your space needs to be quiet and restful for maximum enjoyment.o Pack a mini Feng Shui energy bag with a few personal items from home such as a picture of your family and your pet, a spray bottle of rose water, some relaxing CDs and player or MP3 downloads, a night light plus a flashlight.o The flashlight will provide safety energy in case of a loss of power.o Spraying the rose water around your room and on the linens will remove any stagnant energy, unwanted energy from previous guests and unpleasant lingering odors.o Place the night light in the bathroom as a safety measure so you can easily see where you are going in the middle of the night yet not disturb others.o Play relaxing spa-like music or music for resting or meditating to provide you complete downtime energy.o Re-arrange the chairs and tables in your room to either provide you a beautiful view or a comfortable seating arrangement that allows for the maximum flow of energy throughout your room.o Set aside time for inspiration and meditate, write in your creative journal or read a book.o If the television in your room is in a cabinet, close the doors at bedtime to insure maximum rest. If the television is not in a cabinet, toss a scarf or towel over it at night to prevent its negative energy from disturbing your sleep.o Since optimum rest is one of the objectives of your travel plans, cover the alarm clock and telephone at bedtime to allow your mind to totally relax instead of thinking about what is left undone at home or work.o If your stay is for more than one night buy a bouquet of fresh flowers to bring good health and nurturing energy into your room.o The ultimate relaxation tool is to burn a lightly fragrance lavender candle in a safe container. It will set the mood for ultimate peace and quiet.o If traveling by car, remember that your car is an extension of your home and becomes your living room for the duration of the trip. Prepare for a relaxed safe trip by un-cluttering it first and then stock it with appropriate food and beverages plus sanitary, safety and medical supplies for the length of your drive. Follow the same procedure for the return home.Traveling doesn’t need to be stressful so you return more tired than before you left. If you take precautions you will insure not only a safe but an enjoyable and relaxing trip plus a joy filled return to your home.Your home away from home in a hotel or resort must provide you the same positive energy benefits of your home in addition to all of the added rest and relaxation energy needed to regenerate and rejuvenate you. By leaving your home filled with peaceful calm energy and cupboards filled with abundance, all of that wonderful energy will travel with you. By applying some of these Feng Shui energizing tips you will return home refreshed and renewed.© Pat Heydlauff, all rights reserved 2009

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